With Color Street it’s easy to do your own professional quality manicure or pedicure in minutes and it’s easily removed with nail polish remover.

Rakelle Mullenix is the owner and operator of CuteSlimHiker, LLC, an Independent Contractor who sells Color Street products. Color Street is a new company taking the beauty industry by storm. Their product is 100 percent nail polish in a strip form and comes in tons of colors and designs. The best part is there is no dry time, smudges, or streaks. Rakelle is based in the Washington, DC area, but can ship her product anywhere! 

Her Story

Acquania Escarne of The Purpose of Money (PoM): Rakelle I am glad to share your story with our readers. But before we dive into how you are building a nail empire, please tell our readers more about yourself. 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: I grew up poor. My mom was 16 when she had me and my dad wasn’t around at all. My grandmother raised us and she picked tobacco for a living. Our financial situation improved a lot when my mom had a career in law enforcement and was married to my stepdad. However, they still struggled to make ends meet. 

Once in middle school, they were trying to figure out how to pay the rent and I took my savings, which was mostly change, and put it in the thick bags that were used to deliver phone books. I went across the street from our apartment to the Bank of Baltimore, which is where I had my first bank account. I remember the savings account for kids was called a “passport savings.” I took my change there and they said I had to bag it up to get cash and I didn’t want to carry it all back home so I sat there and bagged up my money and got enough cash to take back so my parents could pay the rent. 

They said they would pay me back, but we were always borrowing from me, then they would pay me back, then borrow money from me again. It was hard to keep track. I know my parents did their best. My stepdad paid child support to his kids yet my dad didn’t pay child support for me, so that was hard on our household. 

I just never wanted to be in that sort of situation. I vowed to myself that I would be financially secure. Even in high school, I had two jobs. I worked at a Hallmark store and Discovery Zone at the same time. I did the same in college. I always had two jobs at the same time just in case. 

When I graduated from college and got a full-time job I always had a side hustle. When working as a recruiter, I was making good money. And yet, I still had a side hustle with a real estate company following up on leads, then working retail evenings and weekends. I guess my fear of not having enough has always been a motivator for me. I can remember my early childhood days of my grandmother picking tobacco and living in a house with roaches. I fear being in that situation again. Then living paycheck to paycheck and not wanting that for my life. Even now, as my financial situation is really good, I think of how to make it better and how I can save more and put more aside. I’m building wealth to leave for my children.  

The Beginning of an Empire

PoM: Rakelle, wow, what an amazing story and I love your “why.” I am also building wealth for my family. So how did you get started with Color Street?

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: I stumbled across Color Street during a weekend trip with a girlfriend. On the last day, I was getting dressed and my friend complimented my style. Being the dork that I am, I told her I read a Pinterest article on how to look more stylish with little effort. However, the one thing I needed to do was to manicure my nails. Then I complimented her gorgeous manicure, but said I could never invest the time or money on my nails like that. 

Then she told me that she did her manicure and pedicure with one pack of Color Street for $13 and that she sells it. First I said, ”What the hell is Color Street?” Then I said, “How the hell could you be with me all weekend and not tell me about this?” 

Apparently she didn’t want to be “that friend” selling to those around her. It was time to check out of the hotel. So, there we were in the lobby of the hotel as my husband and kids showed up to get me and she was applying Color Street to my nails. I was hooked and purchased four packs. When I returned home and gave a pack to my best friend. My best friend then purchased eight packs from her. That’s when I knew I needed to sign up. 

My best friend had been getting gel on her nails and had recently stopped because her nails were brittle and her nail beds were sore. She applied Color Street and sent a text saying that her nails looked great and no longer felt tender. Color Street solved a problem for her just as it had solved a problem for me. I knew there were many others like us with the same dilemma. 

Color Street has allowed me to elevate my look while saving money and time. 

The Details of the Business

PoM: So it sounds like Color Street really changed your life. For those that don’t know about Color Street’s business model, direct marketing, can you explain how it works? 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: With Color Street you are your own boss! There are parameters to operate within and there are ten different ways to earn money, but you decide how to run your business and where to focus.  

There are people who are building their own empires and people who are a hobbyist and everything in between. Anyone can become a Color Street stylist. It doesn’t require special skills, prior experience, or extensive training. Our “nail fashion” is easy to demonstrate and fun to sell! Some of the top stylists in the company have outpaced those who signed them up and that is the beauty of Color Street. You aren’t held back in any way. The product is fun, portable, and it really sells itself. There’s a lot of flexibility in day-to-day scheduling as well. I traveled a lot this summer and I still made money and built up my team. 

This fall there are some exciting developments happening with Color Street and I’ve been working on some initiatives. I worked with Purple PPL Media to produce a video that will be released this fall. I also attended the Color Street conference and met some phenomenal women and gained so much knowledge.

I came home energized with valuable information and insight to take my business to the next level. Color Street is what you make of it. There are women (and men) who have turned this nail strip gig into an empire. You get out of it what you put into it and there’s no judgment either way. No pressure. 

PoM: That’s awesome that men are involved too. So who are your customers and most popular clients?

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: I offer an economical and time saving tool for women to achieve total nail health and beauty. Often I meet women who have given up on having beautiful nails. They tried gels or acrylics and their nails were ruined. Then they switched to powder dip/SNS and got fed up with the cost and time commitment. Painting their nails was a pain because it’s hard to do and it never turned out well and the drying time was more than they could take.

My customers are women who want to reclaim their time, look good, and who know a good deal when they see it.

My customers are CEO’s of trade associations, teachers, high level government officials, stay at home moms, banking executives, administrative assistants, business owners, retirees, students, marketing professionals, husbands (Color Street makes a great gift!). The list goes on. 

Those who have joined my Color Street team started off as customers just like I did. Color Street is a young company and it’s growing. There are many opportunities to grow with it. Plus the starter kit is only $129 and there’s no contract. So much is included in the starter kit, it contains everything you need to become an independent stylist and start your business. 

PoM: What is the most common question you get asked from potential customers about your company and products?

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: Seeing is believing with Color Street! People are in shock and their mouths drop when they see the product and then the price! They are amazed by how easy the nail polish strips are to apply and how beautiful it is! The most common question I’m asked is if this is actual nail polish? Then they sniff a sample and realize it is 100% nail polish. It’s just nail polish in a strip form, which makes it more durable and long lasting. 

PoM: What’s something fun you’ve been able to do while selling Color Street?

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker:  I love interacting with people. I’m an outgoing person so I enjoy vendor events and fairs. I’ve partnered with lou lou Boutiques, The Avalon, and various community sales. I also enjoy going “Live” on social media and demonstrating how to apply Color Street to your nails. 

I even let my kids (ages 5 and 7) do my nails. Seeing my five-year-old son do my nails live on Instagram shows others that they can indeed do their own nails. 

I can’t count how many times I’ve been approached in public and asked about my nails. I always keep samples and my contact information to hand out. A 30-second interaction can turn into a sale and a repeat customer. 

It’s easy to achieve a salon quality manicure in just 10 minutes using Color Street! It lasts for up to two weeks and looks great. Customers can save $650 or more annually by replacing their nail salon routine with Color Street, but you also reclaim your valuable time. 

Lessons Learned

PoM: What are some of the lessons you learned when you first started your business? 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: [It’s important to] understand the compensation plan. Even if you think this will just be a hobby, take a look at it and know what it is. There are so many ways to get free products with Color Street, which can, in turn, be enjoyed, gifted, or sold to customers. 

In the beginning I would’ve gotten a lot more free products if I had just read the information. Now, I ensure that my stylists understand this immediately. I remind them at every step so they can maximize their earnings and potential awards. 

Also, there is no need to store an inventory. In fact, Color Street makes it easy for customers to order directly from my website since shipping is a flat rate of $3. 

Last but not least, always have samples and be ready to put them on a person. There’s no substitute for the person seeing the demonstration. They are amazed! This is not the multilevel marketing of the past. This is a real product that fulfills a need. It sells itself.

Her Impact

PoM: What else are you doing to build wealth? 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: I’ve sought to not put all my eggs in one basket and to diversify my streams of income. We have income from a rental property, a diversified investment portfolio, and now my income from my business. 

When I was introduced to Color Street I knew I needed to be a part of it and Color Street is perfect for me as an additional stream of income. A minimal investment, flexibility, the ability to do as much with it as I want and no need to carry an inventory since customers can order directly from my website.  The reaction from others has been so positive and people love this product as much as I do. Now I have several dedicated women on my team who are at different places in their businesses. I’m excited about what lies ahead for me, my team members, and for Color Street. 

PoM: How has becoming a business owner empowered you or inspired others around you? 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: I was a recruiter and headhunter for many years and have been a stay at home mom for eight years. Now, I’m an active stay at home mom – I started and lead a Girl Scouts troop and manage our rental property and our investments. As our youngest was nearing school age I knew I wanted to do some work, yet not return to my previous career. 

When I was introduced to Color Street I had no idea that these nail polish strips would transform my life. It’s a product and a company that I feel good about and stand behind. Through the Color Street Foundation, Color Street donates $1 Million annually to non-profit organizations.  I’m energized by the good deeds that the organization does and I love being a part of that. 

I also love hearing stories from my customers about how Color Street has changed their lives. So many people have told me that instead of hiding their nails they now feel more confident to shake hands. It’s a good feeling. 

What’s Next

PoM: If you could get everyone to do one thing related to your industry what would it be?

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: My husband is a C-level executive for a mid-size company and he and I discussed this when we were first introduced to Color Street. Every single company on the face of the earth is structured like a pyramid. Plain and simple, those at the top reap the lion’s share of the rewards. 

However, in Color Street the sky’s the limit for me and all other stylists. Many of the top performers in Color Street are outperforming those who signed them up in the company. Someone can sign up on my team and build their own empire and make it to a much higher level in the organization. That is not a possibility in most of corporate America. The one thing I would tell people to do is to have an open mind. Color Street is a modern direct marketing company and is not the multilevel marketing company of the past. 

Color Street is a product with a global patent, it is consumable so your customers will use it and want more, it is on-trend and traditional at the same time, and it solves a problem that many consumers have. This product is a direct sales product because once people try it, they buy it. 

PoM: So Rakelle, tell the truth. Do you only give yourself Color Street manicures and pedicures? 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: Everyone loves to be pampered and I’m no different. I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure from time-to-time. When I do, it is a truly relaxing experience because it’s on my terms and not because my nails are a mess and I’m at the mercy of a nail tech pushing to do gels or acrylics or rushing to seat the next customer. 

Color Street lasts as long as gels and is a fraction of the cost. I apply Color Street at the dining room table with the kids, from the comfort of my bed after the kids are sound asleep, on the couch while talking to my husband, or while sitting in the carpool line. It’s nice to have the freedom and flexibility. Plus the income I generate from Color Street allows me to have more peace of mind. 

I have another stream of income and that gives me comfort. 

PoM: Do you have any exciting products, offers, or events coming up? 

Rakelle Mullenix of CuteSlimHiker: [If you live in the DC, Virginia, or Maryland area,] come see me at the Reston Community Sale on Saturday, September 21st, 8:30am – 12:30pm, (the rain date is September 22, 2019). The location is 1900 Campus Commons Drive (corner of Sunrise Valley Dr. & Wiehle Ave) in Virginia. Come out and try a sample and shop my Color Street inventory. There will be specials offered. Plus approximately 80 other vendors with all sorts of products. It’s one of my favorite events in the Washington, DC area.

I just attended the national conference for Color Street and I’m super excited about the new developments! Color Street is going international! In the fall of 2020, we will be in Canada and I plan to grow my team internationally! Color Street also unveiled a new customer newsletter and a stylist mobile app. We also got a sneak peek at the fall line, which is absolutely beautiful, and I came home with about 20 packs of nail polish strips along with other swag! 

The fall line is absolutely beautiful! Color Street is really innovative and able to put a product out that trends very fast because of our technology. Not only does Color Street have huge launches in the fall and spring that coincide with the fashion seasons, but we have mini-launches throughout the year that keep things fresh and new. 

If you want to know more about Rakelle and her Color Street products check out her website and follow her on Instagram @cuteslimhiker. I tried out Color Street and I love it!

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